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“Apollo 8: A Christmas Moon” is a new documentary from filmmaker Kevin Stirling, about the pivotal, historic and decisively successful 1968 mission of Apollo 8. Audiences will recall the epic flight of Apollo 8, both for its historic achievements and the joy it gave to a war-weary nation in 1968, when three American astronauts (Commander Frank Borman, Command Module Pilot James A. Lovell Jr., and Lunar Module Pilot William A. Anders) joined the pantheon of space explorers, as they became the first humans to leave the Earth's gravitational force, flying to and orbiting the Moon. Still, perhaps even more memorable was the spellbinding Christmas Eve televised broadcast to Earth, when a captivated global audience watched and listened in awe, as each astronaut read from the Book of Genesis.


"Apollo 8: A Christmas Moon" won the 2016 Special Jury NASA Remi Award at the 49th Worldfest-Houston

International Film Festical. The film features spectacular NASA footage, interviews with NASA officials and award-winning journalists who covered NASA during the 1960s including: George F. Alexander (Newsweek, LATimes),  Mark Bloom (NY Daily News), Hugh W. Harris (Director, NASA Public Affairs), Bob Button (NASA Public Affairs), Victor McElheny (Boston Globe), John Noble Wilford, (New York Times) and others.                                                         

                                                                                                                                         [Photos Courtesy of NASA]


  "Apollo 8: A Christmas Moon"